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Cannabis Nurse Consultation

Gain an understanding of how cannabis

can work therapeutically, and integrate best practices to address individual symptoms. Plans are personalized, specific to what products are legal in your state, while learning how to safely use cannabinoids alongside other treatments.

What's Included in a Cannabis Nurse Consultation


Investment: $250

Consult Visits: One hour, one on one video or phone consult


Overview: These private one-on-one consultations are for clients or practitioners interested in learning more about how to utilize Cannabis and/or CBD to fit in their health regime and healing journey. Not limited to the cancer setting, anyone experiencing symptoms including pain, nausea, anxiety, or insomnia can benefit from learning about cannabinoids and their potential to help improve quality of life.


Package Includes:

  • Intake and Health Assessment

  • Individualized care plan using cannabis - to include formulations (ratios), not strains, dosing methods and serving sizesuggestions as well as holistic ways of supporting your Endocannabinoid System to invoke self healing for optimal health

  • Individualized Dosing Instructions Calculated to mg

  • Diet and Supplement Recommendations to support the Endocannabinoid System

  • Medication Review and Interaction Prevention

  • Recommendations for Cannabinoid Therapy to manage symptoms, manage side effects of Chemo and Radiation, as well as manage health conditions

  • Recommendations for Reduction of High Dose Cannabinoid Therapy Side Effects

Action Plan:

  • Includes Patient Handbook - Introduction to Cannabis

  • Intro to our Endocannabinoid System (ECS)

  • Understanding Cannabis

  • What to Expect when using CBD/Cannabis

  • Effects of cannabinoids such as THC & CBD

  • Side effects of cannabinoids

  • Drug interactions

  • CBD:THC ratios

  • Administration methods, (topical, edible, vape, oral oils, inhalation), onset times and duration.

  • Cannabis as Medicine Guidelines

  • Patient precautions

  • What to Look for in a Product

  • Where Do I Find Cannabis (state laws)

  • How to journal to track your progress

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