About Andrea Rossi

Director of Marketing & Development

CNTP, ONC, MS (in progress)


Andrea directs the marketing and business development efforts for Remission Nutrition and the Oncology Nutrition Institute.

In college as a gender and women's studies student, Andrea’s emphasis was on the intersections of health and gender inequality.  She took coursework in medical anthropology, issues in women’s health, and focused her senior thesis on strategies of the women’s health collective movement.  Andrea volunteered over 1000 hours as an advocate for survivors of sexual violence, and later worked as the Advocacy Services Coordinator at Sexual Assault Services Organization (SASO).  This work prompted her to enroll in a 2-year training, the Hakomi method, to learn body-based approaches to assist individuals in working with emotions and beliefs related to trauma, trust, and group healing.

After SASO, Andrea worked for Namaste Health Center for over 3 years, a center providing patients and their families with a fully integrated medical approach through preventative care options and innovative oncology treatment. At Namaste Health Center as the Director of Operations & Collaborative Partnerships, Andrea provided patient advocacy and support for over 1200 patients and over 200 individuals with cancer, and she organized monthly retreats for 2 years, hosting over 160 women with cancer from 20 states and 5 countries to connect them to holistic healing, nurturing community & nourishing food traditions. Andrea also acted as a contributing writer, developmental editor & copy-editor for the 123-page practitioner-training manual on strategies in naturopathic care for individuals with cancer. She had the opportunity to learn under some of the best integrative oncology and functional medicine practitioners, including The Metabolic Approach to Cancer authors, Jess Kelley, MNT, ONC of Remission Nutrition and Dr. Nasha Winters, ND, FABNO.

Andrea went on to get her degree in Nutrition Therapy from the Nutrition Therapy Institute and upon graduation joined Namaste Health Center as a nutrition therapy practitioner with a specialization in oncology nutrition. This journey later led her to assist in the research, writing, and development of the 250-hour Oncology Nutrition Consulting program at the Oncology Nutrition Institute.

Outside of her work with Remission Nutrition and the Oncology Nutrition Institute, Andrea attends graduate school for sustainable food systems, is a community organizer for the Cooperative Gardens Commission international movement, and facilitates safe, unique community healing gatherings with plant remedies to help young women find clarity about their mental and physical health through knowledge, authentic relating, and aligned action to foster inner strength and resilience through her private practice, Dirt & Bones.

Degrees & Certifications:

  • Master of Science in Sustainable Food Systems; concentration in Food Justice (in progress)

  • Community Herbalist (in progress)

  • Oncology Nutrition Consultant (ONC)

  • Certified Nutrition Therapy Practitioner (CNTP)

  • Hakomi Graduate

  • Bachelor of Arts in Genders & Women's Studies; minor in Sociocultural Anthropology

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