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Established Clients

After your first consult, you're now "in the nest" as we like to say. We can best serve our clients long term when they follow-up with us, in order to review and monitor nutrient profiles and other responses to change. Not to mention, everyone needs someone to talk to AND be accountable to - making changes to diet and lifestyle is a life long process! 

Established Client Follow-Up Packages

Established client follow-up packages are for individuals that have already consulted with Remission Nutrition.

Follow-up packages offer the opportunity to discuss progress, revisit dietary and supplement recommendations, review new laboratory tests, and adjust recommendations based on current status and new information.

Additional Services



Investment: $209.00

Three 1-Hour


Investment: $596.00

Six 1-Hour


Investment: $1,129.00

Nutrigenomic Analysis

Investment: $350.00

  • During this 90-minute nutrigenomic session you'll get a complete analysis of how your genes interact with proteins, fats, carbohydrates, micronutrients and other elements of digestion, detoxification, stress and more.

  • Learn which foods, and therapeutic diets - including fasting, ketogenic or vegan - are right for you and which ones are not based on your genes.

  • Only book this consult if you would simply like a single 90-minute consult to examine the results of a Nutrition Genome report. During this consult we will help you decipher the data contained in the report and highlight the most useful information.

  • If you are interested in an analysis of your Nutrition Genome report within the greater context of your health history, current diet and symptoms, blood work, etc, please book a 2-Hour New Client Consult during which we can look at some major themes contained in your report followed by a deep dive into specifics during a follow-up consult.

  • Existing clients who would like to review the results of a Nutrition Genome test may simply book a 1-Hour Follow-up Consult.

  • Click here to order your Nutrition Genome test.

Cannabis Nurse Consultation

Investment: $250.00

  • During a one hour initial consult and 30 minute follow-up visit, these one-on-one consultations are for those interested in learning more about how to utilize Cannabis and/or CBD to fit in their health regime and healing journey

  • Learn how cannabis can work therapeutically, the best use for cannabis as an integrative therapy personalized for you, exactly what products & methods to use, and what is legal in your state

  • Receive an individualized care plan using cannabis - to include formulations (ratios), not strains, dosing methods and serving size suggestions as well as holistic ways of supporting your Endocannabinoid System to invoke self healing for optimal health

  • Learn how to use Cannabinoid Therapy to manage symptoms including nausea, pain, insomnia, and other common side effects of Chemotherapy and Radiation

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