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Established Clients

After your first consult, you're now "in the nest" as we like to say. We can best serve our clients long term when they follow-up with us, in order to review and monitor nutrient profiles and other responses to change. Not to mention, everyone needs someone to talk to AND be accountable to - making changes to diet and lifestyle is a life long process! 

Established Client Nutrition Follow-Up Packages

Established client follow-up packages are for individuals that have already had an initial two hour consult with Remission Nutrition. Follow-up packages offer the opportunity to discuss progress, revisit dietary and supplement recommendations, review new laboratory tests, and adjust recommendations based on current status and new information.

Additional Services



Investment: $209.00

Three 1-Hour


Investment: $596.00

Six 1-Hour


Investment: $1,129.00

Nutrigenomic Analysis

Investment: $350.00

  • During this 90-minute nutrigenomic session you'll get a complete analysis of how your genes interact with proteins, fats, carbohydrates, micronutrients and other elements of digestion, detoxification, stress and more.

  • Learn which foods, and therapeutic diets - including fasting, ketogenic or vegan - are right for you and which ones are not based on your genes.

  • Only book this consult if you would simply like a single 90-minute consult to examine the results of a Nutrition Genome report. During this consult we will help you decipher the data contained in the report and highlight the most useful information.

  • If you are interested in an analysis of your Nutrition Genome report within the greater context of your health history, current diet and symptoms, blood work, etc, please book a 2-Hour New Client Consult during which we can look at some major themes contained in your report followed by a deep dive into specifics during a follow-up consult.

  • Existing clients who would like to review the results of a Nutrition Genome test may simply book a 1-Hour Follow-up Consult.

  • Click here to order your Nutrition Genome test.

Cannabis Nurse Consultation Follow-up

Investment: $100.00

After your initial consultation, it is highly advised that you follow up with Deanna to be sure your protocol is working safely and effectively. Questions often arise, and clients do best when when they can follow-up!