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Exercise for Cancer

Imagine if there were food, medication, lifestyle practice or supplement that could do it all: boost your metabolism, keep your bones and muscles strong, keep you flexible and energized, improve your mood, help you sleep better, reboot your mitochondria and even lower your risk of diseases like cancer. Well, guess what? That "magic pill" does exist, it's called EXERCISE!

Exercise is an essential tool to support your terrain and metabolism, but knowing where to start and what is right for your can make taking the first step overwhelming.

During a Cancer Exercise Consultation, your consultant will walk through where you are in your fitness and cancer journey, and identify the types of exercise that will benefit you the most. Together, your consultant and you will lay out a customized workout plan to support side-effect mitigation and help you meet your goals.

Meet Sara - Cancer Exercise Consultant

Sara Stratton, NTP, ONC


Sara found out firsthand how powerful exercise can be during her own experience with breast cancer. It was a tool in her treatment and survivorship journey, helping her bounce back after chemotherapy, surgery and radiation. That experience fueled her passion to become a certified Cancer Exercise Specialist through the American Academy of Sports Medicine (in addition to a certification as Oncology Nutrition Consultant at the Oncology Nutrition Institute).

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Cancer Exercise Consultation

with Sara Stratton

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