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liber8 Precision Emotional Healing

What does Emotional Healing have to do with Nutrition and Cancer? 

When faced with the stress, anxiety, and trauma of a cancer diagnosis, our bodies often respond by activating the sympathetic nervous system, triggering a "fight, flight, or freeze" reaction. In this state, we're more likely to reach for comfort foods, overeat, or engage in other unhealthy coping mechanisms. Over time, this can lead to a vicious cycle where we feel out of control around food and disconnected from our body's true needs.


Moreover, research has shown that emotional distress can significantly impact appetite, digestion, and nutrient absorption, making it even more challenging to nourish your body optimally during cancer treatment. This is where addressing your emotional health becomes a crucial piece of the puzzle.

Liber8’s Precision Emotional Healing method is designed to help you uncover the root causes of your emotional triggers and empower you with the insight and tools to prevent said triggers from hurting your health. Through their proven process, you'll gain deep insights into your past life experiences and how they are still affecting your present. You'll discover the hidden connections between seemingly unrelated events and unlock perspectives to help you feel in control of your emotions moving forward.

We invite you to explore the connection between the body, trauma healing and your cancer journey with two precision emotional healing options below.  

3-Month Precision Emotional Healing Program

By learning to regulate your nervous system, process difficult emotions, and shift limiting beliefs, you can break free from the cycle of emotional eating and create a more positive, enjoyable relationship with food and your body. 


This is the focus of Liber8's 3-Month Precision Emotion Healing online group program.

Through a combination of app-based tracking, personalized coaching, and group support, Liber8 helps you identify and release the root emotional patterns that are sabotaging your health goals. As you develop greater emotional resilience and self-awareness, you'll find that following your oncology nutrition plan becomes much more natural and rewarding. 


What's Included:


  • ACCESS TO THE LIBER8 TRIGGER MANAGEMENT APP: Track your emotional experiences and nervous system triggers in real-time, gaining valuable insights into your patterns.

  • THREE 90-MINUTE LIVE 1-ON-1 SESSIONS: Pinpoint the root causes of your stress and emotional triggers with the help of a trained Liber8 specialist. (see description of single mapping sessions below) 

  • PERSONALIZED  EMOTIONAL HEALING PLAN: Receive a tailored 3-month program designed to help you build resilience, transform your mindset, and let go of limiting beliefs.

  • FIVE LIVE GROUP WORKSHOPS: Participate in five 60-minute sessions to clear traumas, shift your experience of cancer, and connect with a supportive community.

  • DEDICATED CARETAKER from the Liber8 team to answer your questions, help you if you get stuck, and sit with you when things get hard.

  • PRIVATE GROUP SHARING CIRCLES to openly talk about the fears, worries, and challenges you don't feel comfortable discussing at home

  • ONGOING RESOURCES AND COMMUNITY SUPPORT: Access self-guided curriculums and a private group with other patients for continued growth and encouragement.

  • Choose from a Cancer and a Non-Cancer track for folks in the cancer healing journey or caregivers/friends-family/and those looking to prevent cancer and other disease. 

Emotional Mapping Single Session

What happens in your mapping session?

Clients describe mapping sessions as conversations with a beloved friend who sees and hears them fully. Over 90 minutes, a trained specialist on the Liber8 team will walk you through a process for uncovering the history of your emotional patterns and behaviors. You’ll uncover forgotten memories, hidden belief systems, unprocessed emotions, and key events that shaped your nervous system and contribute to present-day insecurities, reactive behaviors, and emotional volatility. You’ll get a clear picture of how your nervous system navigates adversity. If you have unexplainable health symptoms, you’ll begin to see how they are linked to earlier experiences,choices, and influences in life. Emotional Mapping sessions aren’t designed to directly rewire your nervous system, but previous attendees have found them to be incredibly cathartic and illuminating. The simple awareness of how your nervous system is wired can lead to profound shifts in the way you feel moving forward.

What’s included in your report? 

Using logging data and insights from your mapping session, your Emotional Lab Report details a history of your learned emotional patterns – tracked back to childhood – along with insights on how these patterns play out in different areas of your life today. You’ll discover insights about your core emotional wounds, learned limiting beliefs, behavioral patterns, and how these pieces play together to create your unique personality and nervous system makeup. No longer are you guessing what’s under the hood. You’ll begin to understand the root causes

of why you feel how you do and understand where to focus your efforts moving forward. Your report offers a precise starting point for your journey towards emotional freedom, and gives you the necessary information to help make future sessions with your counselor, therapist, or

practitioners of choice more effective.

Your Precision Emotional Healing recommendations (included in your report) are specifically tailored to your psychology and designed to help you develop more emotional resilience, healthier coping mechanisms for stress, and address the root emotional causes contributing to

poor nervous system health in an effective manner. In addition to books, podcasts, journaling prompts, and a self-paced curriculum, your

recommendations include precision tools for nervous system regulation and daily practices that you can do on your own and alongside others.

What's included:

  • LIFETIME ACCESS to the Liber8 app tracking trends in emotional triggers and negative thought patterns

  • ONE 90-MINUTE EMOTIONAL MAPPING SESSION with a trained Liber8 specialist to map the roots of your emotional trigger and patterns

  • ONE EMOTIONAL LAB REPORT with data-driven insights on what's keeping you stuck in feelings of worthiness, fear, and insecurity

  • Personalize wellness recommendations and tools to rewire your nervous system and create feelings of love, connection, and security on demand

  • 15+ hours of self-guided curriculums from experts on transforming your inner critic, healing childhood trauma, and improving emotional resilience

“Because of the changes that I have experienced through Liber8, I feel less stress around doing everything else right. It used to be that I'd go on vacation and I'd want to indulge in foods and wine, and I would feel nervous. Like, can I do that? Is my immunity going to be strong enough if I do that? If I eat triggering foods or I drink too much or something like that? And now my husband and I love to travel, and I can do it without guilt or fear. Not that I'm going way overboard, but it's just I think the feeling of confidence in my body again and the stressors are what cause the change in our bodies. So if I'm stressing less about having a glass of wine with dinner, then my body is not going to take that on. My body's not going to take that and turn it into cancer cells.” -Angie, 3-Time Leukemia Survivor

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