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Whether you are looking to prevent cancer, have just been diagnosed, are going through treatment and want some help with side effect management, or are recovering from cancer - you've come to the right place. Since 2010, we’ve helped hundreds of clients by developing a highly personalized and research-based Oncology Nutrition Consulting approach.  To help you achieve improved quality and quantity of life, we work from the ground up - from root to stem – across all areas of imbalanced biological health. Our tool of trade is food; therapeutic nutrition is the oldest form of medicine.


From ketogenic diets and therapeutic fasting to autoimmune Paleo, GAPS, at home tube feeding, and other digestive and immune-based dietary strategies – every person has unique dietary requirements.

Using research and various assessment criteria our caring consultants at Remission Nutrition will help support and guide you in how to incorporate specific healing foods, therapeutic diets and lifestyle remedies that best match your needs and goals.

Nutrition requirements can and do change, especially for those in active treatment who may experience side-effects or are looking to integrate nutrition as a complementary therapy to enhance response to treatment and not interfere with it. We want to become an integral part of your care team as Oncology Nutrition Therapy is intended to compliment your current treatments

*****Nutrition Therapy is not intended as a diagnosis, treatment or cure for any disease and should not substitute for regular medical care****


Metabolic Assessment & Reboot Consultation
Investment: $396.00
  • Discover your top metabolic imbalances

  • Learn the key foundational elements of our Metabolic Anticancer Diet that match your unique needs for fats, protein, carbohydrates,  micronutrients and phytonutrients

  • Apply nutrition strategies to help manage side effects

  • Your cancer type nutrition guideline report & other materials included

Metabolic Restoration
Investment: $769.00
  • This package includes the 2-hour assessment consultation to  identify your top metabolic imbalances

  • From here, two 60 minute follow-up sessions will help you integrate a bio-individualized therapeutic diet into your unique life

  • Allows for review of supplements and lab work. Some lab work may be requested (not included in cost)

  • Individualized reports and other materials included

Metabolic Regeneration Package
Investment: $1,875.00
  • A true investment to achieve lifelong health using the science of therapeutic nutrition and lifestyle remedies

  • Following the 2-hour assessment consultation, you'll have eight hours of one-on-one follow-up time with a highly educated and experienced Oncology Nutrition Consultant

  • Nutrition needs can be ever-changing based on what treatments a person is getting and what quality of life issues they are experiencing. Our consultants assess and adapt your nutrition plan based on lab testing and response to change

  • This package allows time for various testing elements (not included in cost) including digestive health, genetics, and endocrine function

  • Nutrition supplements will be reviewed and adapted based on current treatments (many nutrients and botanicals interact with chemotherapy agents!) and also based on response to change seen in lab work

  • Lifestyle remedies that have a major impact on the cancer process including sleep, stress management, environmental toxins will be addressed in detail

  • Those that work with us long term experience the most dramatic results!

Investment: $350.00
  • Get a complete analysis of how your genes interact with protein, fat, carbohydrate, nutrients and other elements of digestion, detox, and more

  • Learn what foods are right for you and which ones are not based on your genes

  • This is a must do consult for anyone considering a vegan or vegetarian diet as various genes control how nutrients are derived from certain foods, i.e. vitamin A and essential fatty acids - all incredibly important in cancer prevention and management

  • Click here to order your genetic test, and once you get the results back, schedule the analysis consult with us! 

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