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Add Integrative Oncology Nutrition and Therapeutics into your Cancer Plan

Therapeutic Diets, Genomic Nutrition Assessments, Cannabis Nurse Consulting

How We Help

Whether you are looking to prevent cancer, have just been diagnosed, are going through treatment and want some help with side effect management, or are recovering from cancer - you've come to the right place. Since 2010, we’ve helped hundreds of clients by developing a highly personalized and research-based consulting approach.  To help you achieve improved quality and quantity of life, we work from the ground up - root to stem – addressing all areas of imbalanced biological health. Our tool of trade is food - therapeutic nutrition is the oldest form of medicine.


From ketogenic diets and therapeutic fasting to autoimmune Paleo, GAPS, at home tube feeding, and other digestive and immune-based dietary strategies – every person has unique dietary requirements -  and we are experts in them all. In fact, we've developed and pioneered the Nutrient Dense Ketogenic Diet (NDKD) and associated phytonutrient formulas as found in our best-selling book.

Using research and various assessment criteria our caring consultants at Remission Nutrition will help support and guide you in how to incorporate specific healing foods, therapeutic diets and lifestyle remedies that best match your needs and goals.

Nutrition requirements can and do change, especially for those in active treatment who may experience side-effects or are looking to integrate nutrition as a complementary therapy to enhance response to treatment and not interfere with it. We want to become an integral part of your care team as Oncology Nutrition Therapy is intended to compliment your current treatments. Nutrition Therapy is not intended as a diagnosis, treatment or cure for any disease and should not substitute for regular medical care.


“Working with Remission Nutrition has been a highlight amongst all of the various doctors' appointments in my life these days. Jen and the team are all so knowledgeable, and equally important, patient. They are willing to meet you where you are at to facilitate the changes that are right for you. In my personal journey, I've been working through a strict elimination diet, and Jen has been my cheerleader throughout; she provides tangible information, as well as an understanding shoulder to lean on. I've learned so much about food and my relationship with food. With a cancer diagnosis or any chronic illness, everything seems to get flipped on its head, but from day one, my nutrition journey has been clear -- and for that I'm so grateful!" - Julia D.
“I was blown away at my first appointment.  I was never told by any doctor WHY I developed cancer or WHAT could have caused it.  I learned that my particular cancer was caused by my environment.  Jess and her team gave me step-by-step processes to slowly change my environment to a much healthier one. Everything from my food sources, lab results, supplements, beauty care products, sleep, drinking water, and exercise were addressed.  I love that they treat me as a whole person and make suggestions specific to my needs and my diagnosis.  I thought I would just have one appointment but since I learned so much I continue to meet with them every 3-4 months to fine-tune and learn more ways to help make my overall health stronger." - Sandy B.
"I felt a sense of relief when I started working with Jess, which anyone going through this dis-ease understands the value of. I knew she really understood the disease process and the healing process. With the correct food guidance and supplements and course corrections when needed during times where treatments side effects were problematic, she helped my body and my mind relax and recover a sense of trust and balance. I recommend working with her and her team to every person I meet who is on a healing journey from cancer." - Hilary W.

Schedule Your Consult

New Client Consult

Investment: $396.00

  • Discover your top metabolic imbalances in this detailed two-hour, one on one consultation.

  • Learn the foundational elements of a metabolic anticancer diet that matches your unique needs for fats, protein, carbohydrates, micronutrients and phytonutrients.

  • Learn nutrition strategies to help manage side effects.

  • Receive a bio-individualized therapeutic diet and lifestyle plan including potential suggestions for follow-up testing.

  • This consult is well suited for individuals at any point in their cancer journey, including individuals who are seeking prevention strategies, have just been diagnosed, are in treatment, or are post-treatment.

4-Hour Package

Investment: $769.00

  • This package bundles the 2-Hour Initial Consultation with two 1-Hour Follow-Up Consultations as a way to recognize some cost savings as compared with a “pay as you go” method.

  • Follow-up sessions help you integrate a bio-individualized therapeutic diet into your unique lifestyle, troubleshoot problem areas, revamp food quality and sourcing issues if needed, course correct as needed and revise/adjust your plan as you gain new information.

  • Follow-up sessions also allow for more time to consider laboratory findings, develop and revise supplement plans, and a more comprehensive assessment of metabolic imbalances.

10-Hour Package

Investment: $1,875.00

  • This package also bundles the 2-Hour Initial Consultation with eight 1-hour follow-up consultations as a way to recognize even more cost savings as compared with a “pay as you go” method.

  • Nutrition needs change and evolve based on various circumstances including, but not limited to, what treatments or medications they are taking, what quality of life issues they may be experiencing and a variety of other conditions they may need to address through nutrition including digestive imbalances and weight management.

  • Follow up appointments address critical lifestyle factors such as stress, sleep, environmental toxins, (and more!) all of which affect the cancer process.

  • The more time we have to work with clients to address their unique dietary and lifestyle needs, the more chance there is to achieve lasting and effective change. Those that work with us longest experience the most dramatic results!​

Nutrigenomic Analysis

Investment: $350.00

  • During this 90-minute nutrigenomic session you'll get a complete analysis of how your genes interact with proteins, fats, carbohydrates, micronutrients and other elements of digestion, detoxification, stress and more.

  • Learn which foods, and therapeutic diets - including fasting, ketogenic or vegan - are right for you and which ones are not based on your genes.

  • Only book this consult if you would simply like a single 90-minute consult to examine the results of a Nutrition Genome report. During this consult we will help you decipher the data contained in the report and highlight the most useful information.

  • If you are interested in an analysis of your Nutrition Genome report within the greater context of your health history, current diet and symptoms, blood work, etc, please book a 2-Hour New Client Consult during which we can look at some major themes contained in your report followed by a deep dive into specifics during a follow-up consult.

  • Existing clients who would like to review the results of a Nutrition Genome test may simply book a 1-Hour Follow-up Consult.

  • Click here to order your Nutrition Genome test.

Cannabis Nurse Consultation

Investment: $250.00

  • A one hour, one-on-one consultation for clients or practitioners interested in learning more about how to safely and legally utilize medical cannabis to address health concerns or treatment side effects including pain and nausea 

  • During this highly educational consultation, you will learn how a customized  cannabis protocol can have therapeutic benefit, what products & methods to use, and what is legal in your state

  • Receive an individualized cannabis care plan including formulations (ratios), dosing methods and serving size suggestions as well as holistic ways of supporting your Endocannabinoid System to invoke self healing

  • Not limited to those with cancer, anyone experiencing insomnia, depression, inflammation, PMS symptoms, and more will gain valuable insight into this herbal medicine that has been used medically since 1000 BC.