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Oncology Nutrition Services

4-Hour Oncology Nutrition Package

Investment: $769

  • This package bundles the two hour New Client Consultation with two One-Hour Follow-Up Consultations as a way to recognize some cost savings as compared with a “pay as you go” method.

  • Follow-up sessions help you integrate a bio-individualized therapeutic diet into your unique lifestyle, troubleshoot problem areas, revamp food quality and sourcing issues if needed, course correct as needed and revise/adjust your plan as you gain new information.

  • Follow-up sessions also allow for more time to consider laboratory findings, develop and revise supplement plans, and a more comprehensive assessment of metabolic imbalances.

10-Hour Oncology Nutrition Package

Investment: $1,875

  • This package includes the two hour New Client Consultation with eight One-Hour Follow-up Consultations as a way to recognize even more cost savings as compared with a “pay as you go” method.

  • Nutrition needs change and evolve based on various circumstances including, but not limited to, what treatments or medications they are taking, what quality of life issues they may be experiencing and a variety of other conditions they may need to address through nutrition including digestive imbalances and weight management.

  • Follow up appointments address critical lifestyle factors such as stress, sleep, environmental toxins, (and more!) all of which affect the cancer process.

  • The more time we have to work with clients to address their unique dietary and lifestyle needs, the more chance there is to achieve lasting and effective change. Those that work with us longest experience the most dramatic results!​

New Client Consultation

Investment: $396

  • Discover your top metabolic imbalances in this detailed two-hour, one on one consultation.

  • Learn the foundational elements of a metabolic anticancer diet that matches your unique needs for fats, protein, carbohydrates, micronutrients and phytonutrients.

  • Learn nutrition strategies to help manage side effects.

  • Receive a bio-individualized therapeutic diet and lifestyle plan including potential suggestions for follow-up testing.

  • This consult is well suited for individuals at any point in their cancer journey, including individuals who are seeking prevention strategies, have just been diagnosed, are in treatment, or are post-treatment.

Nutrigenomic Analysis

Investment: $450

  • During this two hour nutrigenomics session you'll get a complete analysis of how your genes interact with proteins fats, carbohydrates, micronutrients and other elements of digestion, detoxification, stress and more.

  • Learn which foods, and therapeutic diets - including fasting, ketogenic or vegan - are right for you and which ones may not based on your genes. During this consult we will help you decipher the data contained in the Nutrition Genome report and highlight the most useful information.

  • Already established clients who would like to review the results of a Nutrition Genome test may simply book a One-Hour Follow-up Consultation or purchase a package.

  • Click here to order the genetics test through Nutrition Genome's own website.

The Nest Membership

Investment: $249

  • Community conversation via chat in our HIPAA compliant portal monitored by Remission Nutrition team members

  • Opportunity to share and ask questions during the live Q&A and Group Support segment of our LIVE monthly calls

  • A 5% discount on all Remission Nutrition Services purchased during your membership. Discount code provided with membership registration.

  • Recordings of the LIVE session if you are unable to attend.

  • Handouts with valuable information related to the topic of the month.

  • Remission Nutrition Approved recipes each month.

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