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Nutrigenomic Analysis

With a nutrigenomic analysis, discover your optimal diet through learning your body’s unique metabolism for protein, fat, carbohydrates, and higher needs for vitamins, minerals and compounds.

What's Included in the Nutrigenomic Analysis



Investment: $350


Consult Visits: 1


Overview: The Nutrigenomic Analysis is for individuals who would like a personalized dietary plan based on their specific genetic needs. This consult is to be booked as a stand-alone appointment. If you have already purchased a package, you do not need to purchase this option as it can be included within one of your follow-up appointments.​​


Package Includes:

  • 90-minute Nutrigenomic Analysis: This is a ninety-minute, one-off consult to examine the results of your Nutrition Genome report. During the visit we will go through the report you were given from Nutrition Genome and help you decipher the data and highlight the most useful information. We will help you understand how to prioritize everything contained in the 50+ plus page report. While we wouldn’t meal plan during the visit, we can give ideas on how to best incorporate the “foods to emphasize” section into your diet. We will not suggest supplements to anyone unless they are an established client and we are able to evaluate their health history, blood work, etc. We can, however, help you understand the NUTRIENTS you will want to increase in your diet due to your genetics.

    Clients who have already completed a Metabolic Assessment & Reboot Consultation (2-hour new client consult) can review Nutrition Genome results in a follow-up consult and will receive more personalized recommendations because we would have a much more detailed picture of their individual circumstances.


  • Nutrition Genome Report (PDF): After the consult, you will receive a 1-2 page report on the genes to pay the most attention to, how and why, along with an explanation of how to prioritize all the information.


Where to Order the Test

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New information from Nutrition Genome about genetics, vitamin C and immunity
Genomic Testing

Nutrigenomics is the study of how foods affect our genes, and how genetic differences affect the way we respond to food. The genome is the complete set of DNA, and provide the instructions to build health. The DNA remains fixed for life, but the epigenome remains flexible. Nutrition has an “epigenetic” effect on our DNA. In other words, nutrition is one of the major ways we can change the destiny of our genetic health history and reverse disease statistics. The reason that one diet cannot suit all of us and that population studies are continually contradictory with dietary advice is because we are all different. Genetics and biochemistry help us discover how we are different, and what we can do to potentially overcome disease susceptibilities through the understanding of epigenetics by applying it to your diet, lifestyle, and environment.

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