“It is not enough for a cancer patient to receive appropriate conventional therapy for his or her disease. To improve quality and quantity of life, a regimen of good nutrition is essential.”
Linus Pauling, PhD, twice Nobel laureate, pioneer in nutrition for cancer patients
At Remission Nutrition, our goal is to support our clients achieve remission status - and stay there. Starting with a very comprehensive initial assessment, we create a custom nutrition and supplement protocol based on you,  your cancer, and your terrain. We teach you how to source and integrate the most medicinal foods and therapeutic diets. The mainstay of our focus is the  metabolically focused, low glycemic and ketogenic based diets. We strive to identify and eliminate any potential drivers of your cancer, so environmental factors, as well as mental and emotional areas of your life will also be addressed. We look at the whole person, not just the cancer, in order to improve your terrain and help you thrive.
Oncology Nutrition Therapy

We provide science based and results driven nutrition therapy protocols for oncology patients based on individual cancers and individual people. We integrate speciality diets including intermittent fasting and ketogenic, depending on the person.

Medicinal Foods

Specific foods contain highly medicinal and anti-cancer propertites. Mushrooms, sea vegetables, shallots, organ meats, and other traditional foods are a key part of any cancer therapy.  Our goal is to help you integrate these foods into your daily diet.

Lab Markers & Supplements

We order and interpret lab results. We look at genome, microbiome, hormone, digestion function testing and more. Our supplement protocols address underlying issues, while supporting your terrain, and will not interfere with conventional treatments.

Shopping, Sourcing & Cooking

We aim to support and educate you on where to shop, what to shop for, and how to find the highest quality food products. Even down to growing your own. From there, direction on meal planning and cooking will be integrated. We want to make it as easy and delicious as possible!

Mind, Body & Spirit

Integrating mind/body medicine, stress reduction, exercise, spirtuality, and more has been shown to help increase quality of life and significantly increase remission potential. We help support you on an emotional level.

Environmental Nutrition

Many cancers are linked to environmental factors, including chemicals in daily use products, EMFs, pesticides, molds, bodycare products, and more. Learn how to live clean, and reduce your exposure to toxic chemicals.