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The Nest.

A membership. 

A space for community, learning and support. 


We call our Remission Nutrition family of clients, loved ones, colleagues and friends THE NEST. 

The Nest is a safe space filled with unconditional love, non-judgement, supportive listening, learning, sharing and hope. 


In April, we will launch a membership opportunity which will evolve along the way as we learn and grow together. Each month we will provide a 90 minute LIVE video call featuring a new topic each time. We will utilize the first part of the call for educational sharing by one of the Remission Nutrition team members or guest speakers. We will follow this with a live Q&A and group support discussion. Members will have access to a recording if they are unable to attend and we will switch up and alternate the schedule a bit in hopes to provide optimal times for most. We will provide handouts related to the monthly topic and because we focus on the power of food, you can expect us to share delicious healthy recipes each time. A part of creating community will be providing members with a private group chat through our HIPAA compliant portal which will be monitored by Remission Nutrition team members.

Whether you or a loved one have been diagnosed with cancer, are currently in remission or are looking to prevent cancer or other metabolic health conditions, this membership is for you!

Starts April 26, 2023

Registration deadline April 15, 2023

Dates & Descriptions

Wednesday, April 26th 9:00-10:30 am, (Mountain Time) 

What does Metabolic Nutrition and Lifestyle Mean? 

60-minute session led by Jen Nolan. Followed with 30-minute live Q&A and group support.


Wednesday, May 31st 5:00-6:30 pm,  (Mountain Time)  

Maintaining a Healthy Mental and Emotional Well-being

60-minute session led by Jen Nolan. Followed with 30-minute live Q&A and group support.

Wednesday June 28th 9:00-10:30 am, (Mountain Time) 

How to Maximize the Health of Your Terrain

60-minute session led by Jen Nolan. Followed with 30-minute live Q&A and group support.

Membership Perks
  • A 5% discount on all Remission Nutrition Services purchased during your membership. Discount code provided with membership registration.

  • Recording of the LIVE session if you are unable to attend.

  • Handouts with valuable information related to the topic of the month. 

  • Remission Nutrition Approved Recipes each month. 

  • Community conversation via chat in our HIPAA compliant portal monitored by a Remission Nutrition team member. 

  • Opportunity to share and ask questions during the live Q&A and Group Support segment of our LIVE monthly calls. 

Investment: $207

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