Approximately 85% of all cancer cases are caused by diet and lifestyle. Food is fundamental. It can both contribute to the development of cancer and also help to prevent and manage the cancer process. The Oncology Nutrition Institute, in collaboration with Jess Kelley and Remission Nutrition, created the 100% online Oncology Nutrition Consulting™ program to provide proper and rigorous training based on the most up to date and comprehensive research in the field of Oncology Nutrition. 


This program illuminates what foods contribute to cancer, which may help to avert it, and how these foods impact health by referencing over 800 hundred published studies. The information presented in this program empowers students to guide clients into making optimal changes. Nutrition is an effective adjuvant therapy that can enhance the effectiveness of standard treatments including chemotherapy while also helping mitigate side effects and improve quality of life - and this program is designed as a compliment to conventional treatment. 

Using Oncology Nutrition as an integrated and holistic approach to cancer significantly improves clinical outcomes. At ONI, we believe that all students and cancer patients should have access to safe, evidence-based, metabolic-focused Nutrition Therapy approaches to help improve their care. Food is powerful medicine, and our job is to train students on the best practices in the emerging field of Oncology Nutrition. All of this within four, 10-week intensive courses, an Internship, and a final exam overseen by an instructor and our board members . Learn more about the Oncology Nutrition Institute and the programs by emailing info@oncologynutritioninstitute.com

"Jess Kelley has a teaching style that resonates. She is very knowledgable and very much passionate about teaching this material to other practitioners. I find her to be compassionate and empathetic about the clients she serves and teaching this material to other practitioners is obviously a mission she cares very much about. I feel confident in going forward with a client using the knowledge she imparted to me. She is accessible and willing to make sure I have complete understanding of the material. She is an amazing resource and I look forward very much to taking additional classes from her."

- Wendy E., NTP, FDN-P

"I am a Holistic Cancer Coach and am newly working with clients who have a cancer diagnosis on the ketogenic diet. I wanted a more personal and in depth training on all aspects of the diet. What I gained through the training from Jess was far above my expectations. I feel more confident, with new knowledge and information, so I am able to support my clients as best as possible on their own cancer journeys. I highly recommend this training for anyone wanting to integrate the ketogenic diet into their practice. You will be so glad you did. Thank you, Jess!

- Gina B.


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