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About Anna Clarissa Lueneburg


Oncology Nutrition Consultant, Client

Relations Manager

Anna was born and raised in Littleton, CO. Her passion for living a healthy lifestyle began shortly after she came back from a medical mission trip to Bolivia. Upon returning to the U.S., Anna began experiencing severe health issues. Despite many tests, the real cause of these issues was never discovered. Anna’s doctor still prescribed her medications though to resolve her symptoms like anemia, nausea and to stop her from losing weight so fast. However, she quickly realized these prescriptions had far worse side-effects than the initial health concerns. After a year of pain, discomfort and negative side-effects, she decided to turn to whole foods to heal her chronic ailments instead. This started Anna down a path of living a holistic lifestyle.


Why did Anna pursue a nutrition certification in oncology? Honestly, the answer is YOU. Anna joined Remission Nutrition in the summer of 2022 as an administrative assistant. After hearing clients share story after story of their cancer triumphs while using nutrition as a preventative or supplemental means, Anna was inspired to join the consulting team. Since then she enrolled at the Oncology Nutrition Institute and has received her 250-Hour Oncology Nutrition Consultant certification.

Anna also received a Bachelor of Science from Colorado State University in Fort Collins, CO and an 800-Hour Nutrition Consultant certification through Bauman College Holistic Nutrition & Culinary Arts. Anna completed her 200 Yoga Teacher Training certification with a special interest in therapeutic yoga. Recently she has joined the Nutrition Genome Practitioner Program to further her education on the connection between epigenetics and nutrition and lifestyle.


Anna has a passion for using nutrition as a preventative means to heal the body from chronic ailments.

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