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Which service or package is right for me?

All of our clients are required to start with our 2-Hour New Client Consult. If you would like to “pay as you go” while you work with us, this is where you will want to start. However, we also offer a 4-Hour Consultation Package and a 10-Hour Consultation Package. These packages bundle the 2-Hour New Client Consult with two and eight 1-Hour Follow-up Consults respectively as a way to pass along some cost savings to our clients. Follow-up appointments allow time for address changing circumstances, fine tune dietary and lifestyle protocols based on new information (such as updated lab work), answer clients questions, work through challenges and address lifestyle aspects such as sleep, stress, movement and the environment, all of which with diet can contribute to the cancer process. If you’d like to save some money, we suggest one of these packages. However, please also note that we offer 3-Hour and 6-Hour Follow-up Consultation Packages for our clients who have already completed the 2-Hour New Client Consult. So, if you start with that and then decide you want to purchase a package or have purchased and completed one of our new client packages, you still have options to recognize a cost savings.

How long does it take to get an appointment?

Our client load ebbs and flows, sometimes with the seasons and sometimes for no reason that we can discern. We encourage you to begin the booking process by clicking “Click to schedule  on our website to see a calendar with our current availability.

I have, or am interested in getting, a Nutrition Genome report. Should I book the Nutrigenomic Analysis or the 2-Hour New Client Consult?

The Nutrigenomic Analysis offering is for those who would simply like a single 90-minute consult to examine the results of a Nutrition Genome report. During this consult we help decipher the data contained in the report and highlight the most useful information. However, if you are interested in an analysis of your Nutrition Genome report within the greater context of your health history, current diet and symptoms, blood work, etc, then we ask that you book a 2-Hour New Client Consult during which we can look at some major themes contained in your report followed by a deep dive into specifics during a standard Existing Client 1-Hour Follow-up Consult. In this case, booking a separate Nutrigenomic Analysis Consult would not be unnecessary. You may click here to order a Nutrition Genome test.

I have early/late stage cancer- are your services appropriate for me?

Yes. We work with clients at every stage of the cancer journey and feel that any time the client is ready is the exact right time for therapeutic diet and lifestyle changes. We work with clients pre- post- and during treatment. We work with clients who have incorporated some integrative cancer treatments in the past as well as with those for whom it is very unfamiliar territory. We will meet you where you are! The time to start eating well is today, no matter where you are on your journey.

Do you accept insurance?

We do not accept any insurance. And, unfortunately, we have historically found that most clients do not have luck receiving reimbursement from their insurance companies for our services, nor are HSA cards accepted. But, we encourage everyone to check with their own plan to understand what may be covered. We join you in looking forward to the day when the conventional healthcare system and the insurance industry recognize therapeutic nutrition as an imperative part of the healing process. 

Do you require lab work before my first appointment?

We don’t require any new labs nor are we able to order labs for you in advance of your first appointment. However, most people already have some lab work that they’ve done with their oncologist or another practitioner. We just ask that you send us whatever you already have. If you have never done any lab work, it would be helpful to have results from a Complete Blood Count (CBC) and Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP) but it is not required. Do not send imaging reports. We are nutritionists so evaluating imaging is outside of our scope of practice.

Depending upon insurance coverage, lab work can get quite expensive. So, after we’ve had a chance to evaluate your case during your New Client Consult, we can make a targeted list of suggestions for additional labs. If, however you would like to have as much “data” as possible going into your first appointment, we would be happy to send you a list of labs that are often helpful to evaluate. Simply send us an email at

If I book an appointment on your website, what happens next?

First off, thanks for deciding to work with us! If you click on the scheduling button on our website you will be taken to our Practice Better Client Portal where you will select whether you would like to conduct your visit via phone or Zoom video chat and then you will see a calendar with our real time availability and you can select a date and time that works best for you. You will be asked to sign a digital disclaimer and then make payment. After that you will be emailed a link to create your account within Practice Better as well as links to your intake paperwork, all of which can be completed in the Portal. Our system is fully automated and meant to be as easy as possible. However, we also know that everyone has a different comfort with and access to technology and that all client portals are different. So, rest assured that we are only a phone call or email away from helping you out however we can.

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