We consult with clients worldwide. All consults are done via phone or video conference.

It's never too soon to get started, Nutrition therapy can enhance the effectiveness of conventional treatments including surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation while also helping to reduce side effects. Read all about why nutrition should absolutely be part of the standard of care here.  During the two hour initial client consulting session, education and strategic plan development around personalized nutrition therapy and supplements will be created based on a comprehensive assessment of current nutrition status, current or past treatments, symptoms, and goals. An initial consult provide a highly customized plan that clearly outlines a bio-individualized path to get started with nutrition therapy. Written reports complete with references accompany all initial consults, in addition to helpful hand-outs. 

After you've become an established client and completed an initial consult, follow up appointments and packages can be scheduled in 1 hour, 45 or 30-minute increments. Successful dietary interventions require support and monitoring. We strive to take excellent care of our clients -  checking in and following up with you is paramount to your success. The lab work we may request helps us measure your response to dietary interventions, and also provide insight to how to further bio-individualize your diet. During these follow-ups we will review lab work, troubleshoot diet questions, and further investigate areas of your Terrain Ten TM  that need rebalancing in order to achieve remission.

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New Client Consult & Packages Options
  • 2 Hour Initial Consult: $400

  • 3 Hour “Introduction” Package (3 hours = initial consult + one-hour follow-up): $575 (a $600 value)

  • 4 Hour “Reset” Package (4 hours = initial consult + 2-hour follow-ups): $750 (a $800 value)

  • 10 Hour “Integration” Package (10 hours = initial consult + 8 hour follow-ups): $1850.00 (a $2,000 value)

Established Client Packages. For clients that have had an initial consult and want continued support
  • 3 hour follow up package 

  • 5 hour follow-up package

  • 15 minute Weekly Check-in Package (4 x 15 minute check-ins = 60 minutes total)

Non-Client Education Appointments 
  • Q&A Session for non-clients (60 minutes)

  • Nutrition Genome Analysis (1.5 hours). Order your test kit here

Nutrition Therapy is not intended as a diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure for any disease, mental or physical, and is not intended as a substitute for regular medical care. 

"I felt a sense of relief when I started working with Jess which any one going through this DIs-ease understands the value of.  I knew she really understood the disease process and the healing process. With the correct food guidance and supplements and course corrections when needed during times where treatments side effects were problematic she helped my body and my mind relax and recover a sense of trust and balance. I recommend working with her and her team to every person I meet who is on a healing journey from cancer."

— Hilary 

"I was blown away at my first appointment. I love that they treated me as a whole person and made suggestions specific to my needs and my diagnosis.  I thought I would just have one appointment but since I learned so much I continue to meet with them every 3-4 months to fine tune and learn more ways to help make my overall health stronger. This year, my daughter Sarah also started seeing Jess to help her with digestive issues she was experiencing.  Sarah is usually out of school sick 5-7x a year.  Since seeing Jess, this is the first school year she has not been sick once and we are 7 months into the school year!  I highly recommend Remission Nutrition to all cancer patients as well as anyone who wants to become healthier. 

— Sandy & Sarah