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About Carrie Procinsky


Oncology Nutrition Consultant 

Carrie’s passion for helping others regain a healthy lifestyle started from a young age. At 19, her family doctor had told Carrie that she had Crohn’s disease. Devastated by the news, her mother sought alternative options to allow Carrie to begin the therapeutic process. Carrie went to see the first Naturopath Doctor in Alberta, Canada, at the time. The Naturopath led her on the path to health, and it ignited a desire to learn all that she could about nutrition and to help others create a life of optimal health.


Over the years, her interest in holistic health grew. When her daughter and son were born, she witnessed the importance of living a holistic lifestyle. She was able to see the power of food, movement, and rest in her children. Inspired to learn more, Carrie went back to school at the Canadian School of Nutrition. During that time, Carrie lost her Grandparents to cancer, and her close friend's husband was diagnosed with melanoma. Having the opportunity to shadow an Oncology Doctor, Carrie decided to devote her career to helping others diagnosed with cancer.


Carrie holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Prince Edward Island, a Masters of Science in Integrative and Functional Nutrition at Saybrook, a diploma from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, a Board Certified Candidate through the National Association of Nutrition Professionals, and a graduate of the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy. Her dissertation will focus on fiber, gut microbiome, and breast cancer. Carrie is also certified in Guided Imagery from the University of Minnesota and has completed her Reiki III training. When Carrie isn't studying, you can find her on adventures with her family around Houston, TX, where they now call home.

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