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The Metabolic Approach to Cancer

co-written by Remission Nutrition Founder

Jess Higgins Kelley MNT, ONC 

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Because diet and lifestyle should be part of the standard of care

Curious about how nutrition can help prevent or manage your cancer process? You’ve come to the right place. Dietary therapies have been used as medicine for thousands of years. Dietary agents have been shown to impact all of the ten hallmarks of cancer. From decreasing the spread (metastasis) of cancer cells, to promoting cancer cell death (apoptosis) to inhibiting growth factors - believe it or not, nutrition and lifestyle change can be cancer’s fiercest enemy. And while certain foods are necessary for human function and have extremely powerful anticancer activities, other foods common in the Standard American Diet (SAD) are can be poisonous.


Modern Western diets can cause hormone disruption (insulin!), immune dysregulation, inflammation, and metabolic disease. Yet everyone has a unique genetic make-up and biological history, so the key is discovering YOUR unique dietary needs. Using various assessments, our experts in Oncology Nutrition ConsultingTM will help you discover which foods, therapeutic diet, and lifestyle approaches are most indicated. Check out the services we offer here.

Therapeutic nutrition can help support quality and quantity of life, while integrating with your other treatments. Fasting during chemotherapy, for example, has been shown to radically improve response to chemotherapy and survival outcomes. Our job is to help you discover and integrate the most potent nutrients and therapeutic diet to match your bio-individual process, including the Nutrient Dense Ketogenic Diet (NDKD) that we've developed, therapeutic fasting, modified texture diets, tube feeding, nutrigenomic considerations, botanical specific, digestive rehabilitation (GAPS, Low FODMAP), and autoimmune focused dietary strategies (AIP).

Our team is dedicated to ancestral, science-based, metabolically focused, genetically tuned therapeutic nutrition in order to create an inhospitable environment for cancer while also identifying and removing dietary and lifestyle agents that may provoke it. Most importantly, we've been there. Each of our team members has intimate personal experience with cancer and knows how emotionally challenging it is. We know how important it is to have someone to talk to.


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“Working with Remission Nutrition has been a highlight amongst all of the various doctors' appointments in my life these days. Jen and the team are all so knowledgeable, and equally important, patient. They are willing to meet you where you are at to facilitate the changes that are right for you. In my personal journey, I've been working through a strict elimination diet, and Jen has been my cheerleader throughout; she provides tangible information, as well as an understanding shoulder to lean on. I've learned so much about food and my relationship with food. With a cancer diagnosis or any chronic illness, everything seems to get flipped on its head, but from day one, my nutrition journey has been clear -- and for that I'm so grateful!"

- Julia D.