About Dr. Kirsten West

Doctor to Doctor Consults


Dr. West has a passion and deep respect for the practice of true/terrain based integrative oncology. Her passion began in college and grew as she navigated the world of post-graduate medicine. Her journey led her to Naturopathic medical school, which was soon followed by a naturopathic oncology residency at Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Philadelphia, private clinical practice alongside a medical oncologist, and then a move to Durango, CO to work in clinical practice with and then as and terrain based integrative oncology consultant for Dr. Nasha Winters.  She holds the belief that cancer is a result of physiological, mental and emotional imbalance and is a disease of modern society. By harnessing and balancing the terrain, cancer can be mitigated and the person returned to a greater semblance of health and most importantly, healing. This type of healing often leads to a place of well-being unparalleled to that place that existed prior to the diagnosis of cancer.


West guides her patients through understanding of their terrain via use of in depth lab analysis, epigenetic assessment, lifestyle modification, deep nutrition, and mental/emotional exploration. This approach allows for prioritized and individualized treatment plans. It is the treatment of the whole person and not the cancer, which must be the priority.


Since graduating with her medical degree in 2009, she continues to foster relationships with the conventional and integrative oncology world at large. She maintains relationships with Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers and University of Colorado Hospital’s Integrative Wellness center and. In addition, she serves as Membership Chair of the Oncology Association of Naturopathic Physicians (OncANP).


Dr. West now maintains doctor to doctor consults through Remission Nutrition. Her practice consists of in-person and also telemedicine visits and her practice extends worldwide.

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